Who Am I?

I’ve been taking a lot of Facebook quizzes lately. They pop up on my newsfeed and I can’t seem to resist. It occurred to me this morning that there might be a reason for this compulsion that is so ubiquitous on the Internet. 

The tendency to feel misunderstood is part of of all of us. But I think women feel it more strongly than men. Women are consistently pigeonholed. We are told who we are all the time. We are emotional. We are hysterical. We are hormonal. Our basic responses are constantly suspect. When we shine we are too competitive. When we reject advances we are frigid or masochistic.

It is no wonder that we want a way to tell the world who we really are. To have others look beyond their knee jerk interpretations and find someone in there. These quizzes speak to this basic desire. We answer a bunch of silly questions and suddenly we appear complex and interesting. We are writers. We are fascinating characters in our favorite pop culture programs and stories. We are more than our surfaces.

I will probably keep taking these quizzes when they pop up. They’re fun. But I will try and communicate who I am a better way 🙂

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